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Foundations: March 2009 -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Foundations: March 2009

The story we share
By Jonathan Reckford



There’s a story behind every person touched by Habitat for Humanity, from the volunteers and supporters who contribute so much to our mission to the more than 1.5 million people living in Habitat homes around the world. Theirs are the stories that flavor the past, present and future of this organization.

For 25 years, Habitat World has told those stories, showing readers the impact of our ministry—how it affects the lives of those living in Habitat houses and, just as much, the hearts of those who help build them. In these pages have appeared the voices, the joy and sometimes the tears of countless individuals who have shared their own story.

The late American poet William Carlos Williams observed, “Their story, yours and mine—it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them.”

As people of faith, as responsible citizens of a world in need, we also owe it to each other—and ourselves—to become an integral part of this story that we all share. The wise writer of Ecclesiastes perhaps says it best, when he observes that we are better together than we ever are apart. “Two are better than one,” he says, “because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, his friend can help him up.”

By reading Habitat World and passionately supporting the mission we pursue together, you’ve joined us on “this trip we take.” While the destination of a simple, decent, affordable home unites us, the journey is tremendously valuable as well. At every turn, we share understanding and compassion, enthusiasm, faith and commitment—and we share our stories.

I love nothing more than the opportunity to visit with Habitat homeowners, volunteers and donors, to learn from them and to see how the pages of their own lives have turned them toward this wonderful mission. There’s no better measure of the impact we have on families and communities than the stories of people working together to change lives, transform neighborhoods, renew hope.

So as we celebrate another year of building homes and lives around the world, let’s also celebrate the stories that continue to mean so much to this ministry. And in this troubled economic time in the U.S. and around the world, when the need for decent affordable housing is greater than ever, when we need your help and support more than ever, we will continue to tell the stories—in Habitat World and beyond—of how your partnership in our mission is transforming lives.

Thanks so much for reading and for joining us in our shared journey.