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Be a factor -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Be a factor

Photo by Chris Engel

Habitat for Humanity believes that there is unlimited value in the safety and security of a simple and decent place to live. Many things make up the Habitat equation, and this Habitat World celebrates the stories that speak to exponential growth and new formulas for change.

  • Habitat Uganda’s housing microfinance program is one example of innovations that are multiplying the number of families we can reach — and the types of housing solutions we can offer.
    Another Path Home
  • Supporters and volunteers around the world are adding to the awareness and resources that help Habitat do more. Large or small, these gifts ultimately result in new — and renewed — communities.
    Blessed to Give, Blessed to Receive
  • We’re always searching for ways to share more stories. The birth of the Habitat World blog has allowed us to do just that, and in this issue, we share a few prime examples of the storytelling you can find online each week.
    A Community That Clicks
  • A multitude of volunteers help Habitat in a variety of ways every day. Find a fit that works for you.
    7 Ways You Can Help Habitat Right Now