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Twenty-five years of quotes -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Twenty-five years of quotes

“Habitat gives us an opportunity which is very difficult to find: to reach out and work side by side with those who never have had a decent home—but work with them on a completely equal basis. It’s not a big-shot, little-shot relationship. It’s a sense of equality.”—former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, September 2008 issue

“No matter the location of the build site, the religion, gender or ethnicity of the homeowners or volunteers, there is a sense of authentic community that links Habitat partners. It’s exactly this kind of shared commitment that has sustained Habitat for three decades, and, similarly, it will be a renewed commitment that’s necessary to meet the challenges ahead. I don’t have to remind you that the need for decent housing is immense. Our tenacity is equally vast.”—Jonathan Reckford,
Habitat CEO, June 2006 issue

“I have come to believe that I belong—which is as much a part of Habitat as the homeownership. I belong as a community member. I also have something to contribute. … Habitat for Humanity has given me the chance to feel that I have hope for the future. For the first time in my life, I have the time to stop worrying about survival long enough to plan for the future.”—SueAnn Belknap, Habitat homeowner in Corvallis, Ore., December 1995/January 1996 issue

“We must remember always to be careful to act as God’s construction company, not letting our purposes intervene. Ultimately, our work will be judged by the psalmist’s standard: ‘Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.’”—Mompongo Mo Imana, Habitat Zaire national director and International Board of Directors member, December 1986 issue

“You have shown God’s kingdom has no colors, just people of love.”—Habitat homeowner Lenamay Nelson, Liberty City, Fla., August 1991 issue

“Perhaps the question is not, ‘Can we afford to provide decent housing and basic services for all humans?’ Rather, it is, ‘Can we—the human species—afford not to?’”—Dr. Greg Goldstein, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, August/September 1998 issue

“I had come to accept that the best God wanted me to have was a broken down trailer. But he introduced me to Beaches Habitat, and now I have this beautiful home in which to raise my son. This is the most beautiful house in the world.”—Habitat homeowner, Jacksonville Beach, Fla., October/November 1999 issue