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“When Jesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them...Then He said to His disciples: The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”
— Matthew 9:36-38

Moved to Compassion, Making a Difference

Grassroots involvement and local initiative is vital to Habitat's work of house building and community building. In that regard, it is so important to look to the life and teachings of Jesus. After all, he is the primary motivation behind the growing movement of Habitat for Humanity. Jesus was moved by compassion. In story after story in the Bible, we learn of actions that Jesus took because he cared: a blind man restored to sight, a hungry multitude fed, lepers restored to health, a sick man healed. In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus tells of a simple man who sees a person beside the road, robbed and beaten, left by others. The Samaritan binds up the injured man's wounds and takes him to get treatment. In each of these instances, "local initiative" was taken. A need was at hand and help was extended – compassionate, loving, healing help. This is what happens in the ministry of Habitat. People see their neighbors living in undesirable situations and they take action to make things better. This local action thoughtful, organized and aggressive goodwill is at the heart of Habitat's worldwide movement.

It starts with people who want to make a difference. People like Faith Lytle of San Antonio, Texas–the founder of the first Habitat affiliate in the United States–who took action back in the late '70s. She worked to get a small program going to help alleviate a serious housing problem. The organizing meeting took place in her kitchen. Over the years, thousands have joined Faith's efforts in that community. The result has been decent housing built for hundreds of people on the west side of San Antonio and in other neighborhoods across the city. In fact, Faith has written a recently published book, We Would Be Building (available through Habitat), about the founding of the San Antonio affiliate.

Over the past quarter-century, thousands of compassionate people have taken "local initiative." The result is more than one-half million people living in more than 100,000 houses. The movement continues to grow stronger day by day, across the land and around the world.

A year-end gift to Habitat for Humanity is the perfect way to share life's blessings with people in need of safe, decent shelter.

To discuss your special gift to Habitat for Humanity International, contact our Gift Planning Office at (800) 422-4828.

Remember, of course, that it is always best to discuss all charitable giving plans with your professional financial adviser.

Speaks Around
the Nation

Habitat for Humanity’s founder and president, Millard Fuller, travels around the nation sharing Habitat’s message.

Oct. 3:
Stokes County, N.C., Stokes county Habitat for Humanity/1,600th U.S. affiliate;
Janice Jolley,
(704) 938-5690

Oct. 3-4: Westchester Co., N.Y., Habitat for Humanity of Westchester Co.; Jim Killoran,
(914) 636-8335

Oct. 5: Worcester, Mass., Habitat for Humanity of Greater Worcester Co.; Nancy Stell-Kiely,
(508) 799-9259

Oct. 6: Springfield, Mass., Greater Springfield Habitat for Humanity;
York Mayo,
(413) 739-5503

Oct. 22: Akron, Ohio, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Akron; Holly Miller,
(330) 785-2700

Oct. 23: Columbus, Ohio, Circle of Hope Celebration; Terri Bate,
(330) 456-4663

Oct. 24:
Phoenix, Ariz., Valley of the Sun Habitat for Humanity;
Chris Wolf,
(602) 268-9022

Oct. 25:
Los Angeles, Calif., Habitat Los Angeles; Don Abbe, (213) 975-9760

Oct. 26:
Orange County, Calif., Orange County Habitat for Humanity;
Barbara Thomas,
(714) 434-6200

Nov. 10:
Little Rock, Ark., Shepherd Center of Little Rock;
Mel Fuller,
(501) 227-6316

Nov. 10:
Little Rock, Ark., Pulaski County Habitat for Humanity; Charlotte Grumbles,
(501) 376-4434

Nov. 10:
Hot Springs, Ark., Garland County Habitat for Humanity; John Goodman,
(501) 623-5600

Nov. 12:
Macon, Ga., Mercer University/ Baptist Student Union Building Dedication; Chris Fuller,
(800) 637-2378

Nov. 17:
Fort Worth, Texas, Fort Worth Area Habitat for Humanity / Mental Health Partnership House Dedication; Gail Ryan,
(817) 926-9219

Nov. 28-30: Guatemala, HFH Guatemala’s 10,000th House Celebration; Torre Nelson,

Dec. 1:
Boston, Mass., United Methodist Foundation of New England; Gary Melville, (603) 329-4444, ext. 13
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