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China: ‘Something for Everyone’ -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

China: ‘Something for Everyone’


Henry Ingrouille


Henry Ingrouille’s first Habitat experience was as a 2009 Carter Work Project volunteer. Over five days, the managing director of Morgan Stanley’s operations division in Hong Kong joined 200 international and local volunteers to help build the walls of first-floor housing units in a few multi-story residential buildings in Qionglai.

His experience in China paved the way for his next volunteer stint, a Habitat build in the fishing village of Tai O. “I loved the idea of doing something a little closer to home to make a difference to a very special part of our own backyard in Hong Kong,” he says. In Tai O, Habitat volunteers helped carry out repair work on stilt houses above the sea, everything from replacing decking to rebuilding outhouses.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Henry looks forward to volunteering more. “I love the way it connects people,” he says. “Personally I prefer the hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up-to-work lifting and shifting, just because it’s so far from what I do every day. But the beauty of Habitat for Humanity is that there are so many different things that need to be done that there’s something for everyone. It really doesn’t matter what your skillset is. You can still help out.”