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Your support and involvement help make a dramatic difference. -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Your support and involvement help make a dramatic difference.

Habitat’s creation of stronger communities can been seen in Chiang Mai, Thailand, one of five 2009 Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project sites. Neighbor children play games in front of their Habitat houses. Photo by Mikel Flamm


It’s stronger families, freed from the worry and want of unacceptable living conditions. It’s a better place to study, a healthier spot to sleep, enough room to grow and dream.

It’s better communities, neighbors helping neighbors, new lights shining in windows once darkened by blight. It’s a street reclaimed from abandonment or floodwaters, a block rebuilt after an earthquake or an economic tremor. It’s a house built in joy and dedicated with love.

It’s a world of hope where everyone has a simple, decent place to live.

It’s waiting for you to get involved.

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  • Every 8 minutes around the world, a Habitat partner family moves into decent shelter they can afford.
  • A study by Emory University found that children younger than 5 who were living in Habitat homes on Malawi were 44 percent less likely to contract respiratory problems, gastrointestinal diseases or malaria than their counterparts living in traditional housing.
  • In decent housing, walls are strong and roofs are secure — and the families inside focus more on thriving than surviving.