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Windows on the Work: June 2011 -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

Windows on the Work: June 2011

Glimpses inside Habitat happenings

Long-term pledge to Christchurch, New Zealand

More than 10,000 homes were lost in the Feb. 22 earthquake that crumbled parts of New Zealand’s second-largest city. Habitat New Zealand immediately launched a new website ( connecting those in need of shelter with families who could offer temporary housing. Thousands of Habitat’s tested New Zealand volunteers have pledged to join the long-term rebuilding efforts.

Salvaging materials in Kansas City

Heartland Habitat recently recruited volunteers for a different kind of workday: deconstruction. When the Tomahawk Hills Golf Course moved its clubhouse to a new building, Heartland Habitat asked to salvage usable materials from the old one — doors, sinks, light fixtures and more. Over the past three years, Heartland Habitat has performed six such deconstruction projects. The saved items are sold at the affiliate’s ReStore, bringing in more money to build homes.

Recovery continues in Chile

Feb. 27 marked a year since a magnitude-8.8 earthquake rocked the length of Chile’s coast. Habitat Chile released a progress report and rededicated itself to assisting 10,000 families rebuild their lives. “We have to unite together and continue working,” says Luis Santibanez, Habitat Chile’s national director. “There are still thousands of people awaiting a response.” The report is available to download on in English (4MB .pdf) or in Spanish (4MB .pdf).

Collegians at work in Sacramento, Calif.

A group of Canadian students drove 15 hours from Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia, to spend their spring break with Sacramento Habitat in northern California. The students reorganized the affiliate’s ReStore and poured a new home’s foundation. Habitat’s year-round alternative break program, Collegiate Challenge, featured more than 900 such trips during the past program year. More than 14,000 students participated, contributing nearly $2 million to Habitat affiliates.

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