1995: ‘The impossible becomes possible’ in L.A.


Hi, I’m Jose Tobar, also known as Little Jose to my Habitat family. My family and I purchased a home through the 1995 Carter Work Project, when I was 15 years old.

Eighteen years have passed since then. The event changed the course my life — not just as a child, but even now as an adult. I clearly remember my family’s amazement when we first were given the keys to our new home. Even now, I still find it hard to describe in words what it felt like to achieve a goal that seemed impossible. This was a goal that we all talked about as a family: owning a home!

The incredible help from thousands of people all over the world during the 1995 Carter Work Project has definitely played a role in developing my views in life. I find it amazing how much it can make a difference. I find myself with a desire to help others achieve their goal of living a better life. I worked for the banking industry for approximately 12 years and now work providing low-income rental housing for seniors and families.

I grew up with a desire to be a homeowner and I was able to purchase my first home in 2011. Finally, I was able to experience the pride of homeownership, just like Mom and Dad.

I am blessed — yes, truly blessed. The desire of so many Habitat supporters to influence my family to live a well-balanced life will always be a reminder to me that when things seem impossible, with a bit of hope, faith and a genuine desire to help others, the impossible becomes possible.

— Jose Tobar

ALSO IN 1995: Twenty-one houses were built in the Watts/Willowbrook community of Los Angeles, while accelerated builds were held at five other Habitat affiliates in southern California.