1997: ‘Special angels’ in Kentucky


Building my home
​It rained the whole week of my build. We learned how to work through the rain, and when it stopped, the workers knew exactly what to do when it wasn’t raining. It worked out all right, because it wasn’t raining for the roof to go on. We learned a few things about building — I really should have known more than I did because my father worked in construction.

I was very pleased at all the volunteers who came to help on my house, giving of their time, paying their own way. No one in my family was able to get here to help me build my home, but that’s OK because God sent special angels to get this house built. It was just miraculous. I cried a lot, but they were tears of joy at how blessed we really were for these special angels to come.

My picnic table
While the house was being built, the children were with a group of adults, and they made picnic tables. My picnic table has the signature of everyone who worked on my house. I have Mr. Fuller’s signature and his wife, and I’m the only one who got President Carter’s signature on my table. It’s all shellacked up and everything. I wanted to try to save it for when my house was paid off, but I don’t know how long God’s going to let me live, and there’s no need in letting that table just sit there. I will wait until summer, but the table will come out.

Meeting President Carter
I’m the only one in my family who has actually met a president of the United States, and I have a picture to prove it! He is one wonderful person to work with, building a home. He drives a good nail. I wish I were in a position where I could travel to build homes with him as the leader. I’m not in that position right now, but I pray for them every day for everything that they do and I thank God for all the help that they have been able to give.

— Habitat Madison & Clark Counties homeowner Rossetta Trammel

ALSO IN 1997: While 50-plus houses were built during the Carter Work Project week itself, the event was the catalyst for the construction of 150 new homes in all at locations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.