Always a Blessing

Anna Ramos and her two younger children — Paige, who is 4, and Junior, who is 8 — once shared an apartment with her oldest daughter, son-in-law and grandchild. Ramos tried to keep up with the ever-increasing rent, at times having to ask family to help.
The trio then ended up moving from place to place for a while, after her oldest daughter’s family moved into their own home. Now, Anna, Paige and Junior have their own condo, built with Habitat Greater Orlando Area.
“It’s only been a week, but this week has been a blessing. From here on out, it’s always going to be a blessing,” says Ramos.
Perhaps after they’ve been in their home longer, Ramos will be able to pick a favorite thing about the house. For now, the porch is a leading contender. “My kids are enjoying their space. They love their home. They’re trying to keep it clean every day now,” she says. “They’re doing what they’re supposed to do, and we’re getting it together. We don’t have much, but we’re getting it together, little by little.”
Photo by Jason Asteros