Beyond a new beginning
Jared and Krista Moe’s home is the first house that Wild Rivers Habitat is building on a donated piece of land in Frederic, Wisconsin.
The couple fully embraces their pioneer status, excited to meet — and help — new neighbors. “I think it’s going to be fun to help other families through the process and help them build their homes, too,” Krista says.
Before they moved into their Habitat home, the family rented a small, two-bedroom duplex. There was no yard and no room for even a small birthday party for 6-year-old Isaiah or 2-year-old Laurel.
Between helping this new community take shape and completing her occupational therapy studies, Krista is excited for her family to begin a new chapter. “A lot of things are coming together in our life,” she says, “and it’s so cool that Habitat is now a part of it.”
Photo by Jason Asteros