Habitat Philippines volunteer Alex Eduque wins international awards

Twenty-three-year-old Alex Eduque already has made a huge impact on her community and her country. Since she began volunteering with Habitat Philippines eight years ago, she has founded (and chairs) the Habitat Youth Council, become an ambassador for Habitat and helped to raise millions of dollars. Her incredible efforts recently earned her two awards from the Resource Alliance at the International Fundraising Congress, which was held in Amsterdam.

Eduque attended the Congress as a finalist for the Outstanding Volunteer Award. When she heard her name called as the winner, she says, “I was in disbelief and in a daze. I really went to Amsterdam without expectations. To me, making it as a finalist — one of the top three contenders for the award — was already an achievement enough. Winning was an added bonus, and an opportunity to put Habitat for Humanity Philippines on the world map.”

She was shocked to learn that she also had won the IFC Choice Award, which was voted on by the fundraisers present at the Congress. “That award to me really meant so much,” says Eduque. “The fact that the other fundraisers in the room, from all corners of the globe, voted for me, gave me that seal of approval and the reassurance that I’m doing the right thing and somewhat on the right track.”

A recent graduate of New York’s Barnard College at Columbia University, Eduque also is the founder and chairperson of the Manila-based Move.org Foundation, a nonprofit that partners with Habitat for the implementation of early childhood development and education programs.

In all of her work with Habitat, Eduque is happiest about the fact that “the youth council has raised over $2 million, built more than 500 houses and served more than 28,000 families. At the age of 23, it gives me great satisfaction knowing that I’ve been able to help my country quite a bit, and that I’ve already been able to leave somewhat of a mark in this world.”