“I Can Actually Plan”

Catherine Prosser was running low on hope.

She and her two young sons were living in a small, unhealthy house, and despite her good job, no bank would give her a loan for a house.

She had two equally unacceptable choices: stay in the cramped home that was causing one son to develop asthma or struggle to pay exorbitant apartment rent. Then the Ontario resident learned about Habitat Muskoka.

Learning she’d been approved for her own Habitat home was surreal. “It felt like a dream,” Prosser says. “Your whole world changes when one person says to you, ‘I believe in you.’”

She and her sons, 10-year-old Peter and 6-year-old Daniel, moved into their house at the end of February 2012.

Having the home has changed the entire scope of her life and the lives of 10-year-old Peter and 6-year-old Daniel. It’s even changed the lives of her extended family, who no longer have to worry about them. Uncertainty is gone, and hope for a bright future has taken its place.

“Now, I can actually plan a future, because I have stability,” Prosser says. “I can plan for the future of my children, and they can plan, too.”

Her sons are happier since the move, no longer sharing a tiny room. Each has his own space to read, play, hope and dream of the future.

“They love it,” she says, almost overwhelmed. “When we first moved in, it was like, ‘Really, this is ours? This is ours, mommy?’ Yes, this is ours. This is our safe place. It’s a really great feeling to have that.”

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