Recent reading: Affordable housing and nutrition

Recent ReadingThe ripple effects of paying too much for housing can have a direct effect on how healthy families can be. Low-income families who experience severe housing costs burdens have much less to spend on other necessities than those families with affordable housing — including food.

Earlier this summer, the nonprofit Enterprise released a report titled Food at Home: Affordable Housing as a Platform to Overcome Nutritional Challenges. Observations in the report include:

  • “Good nutrition and decent affordable housing are vital components of personal health, well-being, educational attainment and positive economic outcomes.”
  • “Among extremely low-income working households in 2012, 79.4 percent were severely cost burdened, as were 37.8 percent of very low-income working households.”
  • “The ability to find affordable housing — whether market-rate or subsidized — can have an enormous impact on a household’s ability to afford life’s other necessities. The nutritional health of low-income households may improve if they are able to find stable and affordable housing.”
  • “Affordable housing relieves the budgetary pressures posed by high housing costs by allowing otherwise stressed families to spend more money on food.”