Teaming up and talking about power tools

WHO: Patrick Howard and Jim Edwards

WHERE: Habitat Greater San Francisco

WHAT: Last year, their combined volunteer hours totaled more than 3,000. Edwards is the volunteer lead for the HVAC team, and Howard planned, managed and performed all electrical work on new construction and remodel construction sites. Having recently moved to Oregon, Howard has continued to mentor the new Habitat Greater San Francisco electrical crew leaders from afar and plans to help his new local affiliate once he is settled in.

WHY: “I had a great career as a firefighter and after retiring decided I wanted to give back something to the community,” Edwards says. “This ‘job’ gives me an opportunity to build the house I always wanted to build, but for other people.” Howard adds: “To be completely honest, one reason I volunteer for Habitat is that the work I do is like being a kid again, building stuff with my Erector Set and Lincoln Logs! But in this case, what I am building is real houses for real families. Probably the biggest motivation is every home dedication that I attend — seeing the families cry with joy over their new home and the kids bubbling with excitement over which room will be their new bedroom.”

TWO REASONS THEY WORK TOGETHER: “It always helps to have another pair of eyes to help look at and solve problems. And finally, we can talk about hand and power tools endlessly!”