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Neighborhood Revitalization

About Neighborhood Revitalization


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Neighborhood Revitalization Stories: The Moran family of Orange County

Revitalization stories

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“Neighborhood Revitalization is the way of the future and is an essential element of Habitat’s work. By focusing on entire neighborhoods, we can greatly increase our impact.”

— Jonathan Reckford, CEO, Habitat for Humanity International

For families to succeed, sometimes the dynamics of their neighborhood have to change. Neighborhood Revitalization is a holistic approach that expands Habitat’s traditional partnership with new homeowners and volunteers to include neighbors and local organizations for a far greater impact.
While new home construction continues to play a vital role, a bigger toolbox that includes repairs and other services allows Habitat to serve more families. Neighborhood Revitalization starts at the grassroots level — with people in the community determining the goals for their neighborhood.

See how Habitat for Humanity has moved from focusing on building new homes to revitalizing neighborhoods through Neighborhood Revitalization.


How to get involved

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