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Habitat for Humanity International: North America Press Releases

May 3, 2005 Country stars build ‘American Dream’ with Habitat for Humanity
May 2, 2005 Habitat for Humanity introduces new logo to symbolize mission, enhance brand
April 28, 2005 Women hammer home Mother’s Day with Lowe’s Habitat
April 21, 2005 Country group Trick Pony aids Habitat’s tsunami relief
April 5, 2005 ‘Ironman’ competes to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity
April 1, 2005 100 days after tsunami, Habitat building houses, capacity
March 29, 2005 Miss USA helps build Habitat home during pageant festivities
March 28, 2005 90 days post tsunami, Habitat increases building efforts
March 23, 2005 Former governor general of Canada joins Habitat board
March 17, 2005 Habitat selects Knoxville for milestone 200,000th house
March 15, 2005 Realtors raise over $1.5 million for Habitat tsunami effort
March 14, 2005 International Festival takes Habitat visitors around the world
March 8, 2005 Habitat board affirms vote to terminate Millard Fuller
March 7, 2005 Habitat exceeds $25-million tsunami relief goal
March 7, 2005 Habitat names two to senior leadership positions
March 2, 2005 MoneyGram makes $1 million commitment to Habitat for Humanity
March 1, 2005 Whirlpool, Reba deepen commitment to Habitat for Humanity with 2005 tour $1 from each ticket sold will support Habitat for Humanity
February 24, 2005 Lowe’s gives $2 million to Habitat tsunami relief effort
February 22, 2005 India to host Jimmy Carter Work Project 2006
February 20, 2005 Mission more important than a man
February 9, 2005 Lowe’s raises more than $1 million for Habitat tsunami relief effort. Matching program will fund more than 1,000 Habitat for Humanity homes
February 8, 2005 Students ‘spring’ to action with Habitat for Humanity
February 2, 2005 Habitat for Humanity committed to Americus
January 31, 2005 Habitat for Humanity president terminated
January 24, 2005 Habitat receives gift from Netherlands to aid tsunami victims
January 21, 2005 Tsunami soon will be old news
January 19, 2005 Oprah’s Angel Network supports Habitat’s tsunami relief
January 19, 2005 Citigroup supporting Habitat for Humanity’s work in Jordan
January 7, 2005 Habitat plans to build up to 25,000 homes for tsunami victims
January 7, 2005 Habitat lauds quick passage of tax deduction legislation
January 5, 2005 Habitat for Humanity homes designed to match historic district styles
January 3, 2005 ‘Teen People’ to feature Missouri Habitat family
January 3, 2005 Habitat for Humanity seeks shelter solutions for tsunami victims
December 29, 2004 Waste Management donation supports Habitat’s Cars for HomesTM program
December 27, 2004 Habitat issues emergency appeal to aid quake victims
December 26, 2004 Habitat, Lowe’s to aid tsunami victims
December 15, 2004 Many Habitat families spending first Christmas in new homes
December 14, 2004 Vehicle donations help Habitat build more homes
December 14, 2004 Home Interiors donates $500,000 to build homes in 2005
December 13, 2004 Habitat for Humanity one of America’s ‘greatest brands’
December 6, 2004 Institute for Learning helps Habitat manage worldwide projects
December 2, 2004 2004 Kenneth Kaunda Work Project builds 28 new homes
November 22, 2004 Foolanthropy campaign to benefit Habitat for Humanity
November 11, 2004 Habitat for Humanity, Nintendo open doors to the future
November 9, 2004 Homebuilders to help Habitat build 1,000 homes in a week
November 5, 2004 Second Kenneth Kaunda Work Project begins Nov. 22
November 5, 2004 Lowe’s ‘Homes for Holidays’ helps Habitat build more houses
October 21, 2004 Mortgage bankers take up hammers with Habitat for Humanity
October 21, 2004 Citigroup, Banamex, Fundacion Televisa help sponsor JCWP 2004
October 15, 2004 Millard Fuller, Habitat for Humanity to receive ‘Peace Award’