DIY bathroom vanity from wooden pallets

Bathroom vanity made from wooden pallets

Reusable materials can be found just about anywhere! My latest project was created using the portable platform that stores, handles and moves the materials and packages we purchase in retail operations every day – pallets.

It began with simply cutting a pallet in half and using it as the base. Then another pallet was broken down for the bracing. The countertop and bottom shelf were made from 1800s hardwood flooring that I had salvaged from a deconstructed house about two years ago. The sink and faucet were recent items donated to our Lake Agassiz Habitat ReStore. So with 100 percent used materials, this pallet vanity was brought to life.
Before you toss out that non-working console TV, cracked light fixture, broken door or wooden pallet, think about the “re-possibilities” that can make it useful again and help keep it out of the landfills. You can also support your local ReStore, which support a greener life for you and our future generations!



Wes Schmit wrote:

I used to volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity restore in Newport, Oregon and I would take items that were being thrown away or put in the dumpster and create things that I enjoyed. Some of which were sold at the restore. We had a silent auction the first year I worked in the sorting and fixing section and decided to make something for the "Silent Auction", well I didn't know what to make or do so I made a few items and was disappointed with them, so then I went on to other ideas on paper first. I had made some glass birdbaths in the past and friends liked them and have them in their yards, so I looked around and found I had one left that I hadn't given away. Bingo, I was going to donate it to the "Restore" for their 'Silent Auction', but wasn't really happy with it so I went to an Item I was working on for my own pleasure, 'A Japanese Float Planter', and lo and behold I finished it and donated it and the 'Bird Bath - Feeder' to the Restore for the Auction. A week after the finish of the auction and I was cleaning up a table and re-staining it to sell, the Manager came up to me and told me that My "Frog" was the highest priced 'BID' received in the Auction, I was shocked and told her not to tease me and then she said that my 'Bird Bath - Feeder was the second highest 'BID'. Needless to say I enjoyed that they were received in the right light that I had seen when making them. Now I miss working in a 'Restore' more than ever and the people that you get to meet and enjoy. That's where you can get your best ideas from. Thanks for being there for ME...

huda alderzi wrote:


huda alderzi wrote:

I love this.

Sally wrote:

Great story, Wes. Thank you!

Debbie Weeks wrote:

Would live to see your Japanese planter and the Frog. Good job and great idea for the silent auction!

Ned Tompkins wrote:

Good for you!! Would love to see photos of the projects & wonder why you said "used to volunteer"
Die hard composter & recycler Ned

Tina Kiehn wrote:

Thanks for all the great comments! We are always looking for fresh new stories for Habitat’s Why ReStore Blog just like these.  If anyone is interested in writing a guest post for our national blog, please email for more information.

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