5 steps to creating charming wall art

Wall art materials

Fun home decor wall art can be made out of some of the most basic materials. Follow this step-by-step tutorial below to create your own wall art from items you probably have sitting right outside your front door.

Materials needed:

  • Picture frame(s) or mirror frame(s): Purchased at a local Habitat ReStore.
  • Paint: Spray paint, craft paint, etc.
  • Cardboard material: Recycled box of some sort.
  • Rocks: Go outside and grab some, or use some from a vacation destination or local sentimental hangout.
  • Twigs: Smaller, lightweight are best – scale to fit frame size.
  • Super glue: To be extra prepared, have some nail polish remover handy in case of a glue mishap – it happens to the best of us.
  • Pen or marker: Black or any color that suits your style.



Step 1: Paint frame(s)

Choose a solid color, or get creative with a design. Make sure to read the paint directions and allow proper drying time between coats.

Spray painted picture frames


Step 2: Cut cardboard

While the paint is drying, measure the inner frame size, and cut the cardboard to fit. Customize to your liking. Add movement with a free downloadable design template. (There are many available online.) The cardboard used in this example had a chevron design on it.

Wall art backing


Step 3: Super glue 

Place the rocks and twigs on the cardboard. Get an idea of how they will fit together. Trim the twigs and wash the rocks if necessary. Glue each piece in place.

                                                              Super glue


Step 4: Draw

Once the glue is dry, draw the bird beaks and legs. Customize with names, funky hair or accessories like a hat!



Step 5: Put it together

Leaving off the glass, place the cardboard into the frame and secure. Hang your finished work or display on a table. These also make great gifts. Enjoy!

Finished wall art with rocks and twigs




Miki Smith wrote:

Thank you for this idea. I instantly thought: a great project for my nine-year-old twin granddaughters, who are constantly picking up natural objects to make into artwork.

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