Pinterest images inspire ReStore projects

Habitat for Humanity ReStore of Jefferson County recently refurbished several furniture pieces based on items they saw on Pinterest. They set up these pieces around the store, accompanied by the Pinterest image that inspired them. The furniture was then raffled off to their customers.

Vintage chair

This project shows how much you can transform a vintage chair just by painting the cushion.

Photo by Joanne Chamberlain


Retro file cabinet

Don’t know what to do with that retro file cabinet? Imagine the storage uses you can get out of it if you just flip it on its side.

Photo by Joanne Chamberlain


Vintage dragonfly decoration

This dragonfly may not be the most functional piece from this collection, but it certainly does add a decorative flair. Not only that, but it also uses parts of a vintage ceiling fan for a new and interesting purpose.

Photo by Joanne Chamberlain


Headboard bench

We’ve probably all seen projects like this, but not quite this elegant. The headboard-into-a-bench idea certainly adds a new level of sophistication when you include the banisters from the footboard and some decorative pillows for added comfort.

Photo by Joanne Chamberlain



Photo by Joanne Chamberlain

Antique brass chandelier planter

Have an antique brass chandelier that you don’t know what to do with? This is a great idea! Just add some paint and small pots and you have a new hanging planter for your backyard. You can even switch it up by adding smaller cups to the ends to make perfect bird feed holders.










Robin Perry wrote:

Love the dragonfly for an outdoor garden for the little preschoolers!

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