Recycled art treasures from Patuxent, Md.

Looking for a little inspiration for any recent treasure that you’ve found? Look no further than your local artists and crafters for ideas on what your next project might be.

Check out what local artists created for the fifth annual Recycled Art Show benefiting Patuxent Habitat for Humanity of Maryland. With their next show just around the corner, who knows what the artists will come up with this year?

These events happen all around the country, so whether you’re looking for inspiration or a ready-to-buy, unique treasure, be sure to look for one in your area.


Unique lamp

This was an ordinary lamp until the artist took the time to add a few unique details. You could be just a couple of materials and a hot glue gun away from your own one-of-a-kind lamp.

Recycled art lamp

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


Seaside dresser

We might not all have the skills of the artist that transformed this dresser, but it definitely gets the mind going as to what a few coats of paint can do to add new life to an old piece of furniture.

upcycled toy chest

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


Upcycled dresser

This local DIY-er didn’t need to add much detail to transform this piece, just some paint and a penchant for organization.

Painted chest of drawers

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


Funky recycled art desk

If you have a little more time and are looking to add a funkier edge to your decor, use the lines already on your furniture to guide you in a new and colorful direction. Just take a look at what this artist was able to do.

Repainted desk

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


From chairs to bench

Need a little extra seating for your guests? Check out what this DIY-er was able to do by simply repurposing three chairs.

Converted chair bench

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


Refinished chair

Maybe you’re just looking to find a use for an old chair that is in desperate need of refinishing. The shabby chic look is definitely in, and it’s easy to see why after looking at this quick upcycle project.

Refurbished chair

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)


Old shutters into new art

Finally, consider repurposing some materials into a unique piece of art. Old shutters tend to be an easy find and can be purchased rather cheaply — if you don’t have some already lying around. 

Repurposed shutters

(Habitat for Humanity International/Toni Manfredi)





Holly Gruszka wrote:

This is a great idea! I am participating in an upcycle challenge sponsored by ReStore Montco, and there are so many great projects to share. Many of the items in my room are from ReStore.

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