Restoring vintage furniture and antiques

They just don’t make ‘em like they used to. Habitat ReStores are chock full of vintage furniture gems and antiques that are often much more interesting and sturdy than the budget options you might find at chain stores. With a little imagination and paint, you can breathe new life into any previously-owned piece, and it will last you for years. Check out these six examples of fabulous, “like-new” projects.

Vintage dresser
Old dressers were built to last! You can easily extend the life of a scuffed-up dresser by sanding down the scratches and applying a thick paint, like chalk paint. Jennifer's use of stencils here looks fabulous and is easy to do.

Photo credit: Old dresser via Jennifer Drake

You can create any look you wish with old furniture and a little paint. Consider it your blank canvas! You can learn all the best tips and tricks for spray-painting absolutely any kind of furniture from this handy guide on Hometalk or by following @Diana_at_Work.


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