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The Families of Carney Place

Ion Gherasim, a bus driver for the City of Asheville, unloads his family’s belongings from his truck on moving-in day, with enthusiastic help from his four-year old daughter Rebeca. The seven-member Gherasim family had been living in a double-wide trailer while they waited for their new home to be built at Carney Place. Photo by Phil Kloer.

Welcome to Carney Place
By Phil Kloer

In February 2011, the Asheville (North Carolina) Area Habitat for Humanity affiliate began work in a scraggly, weed-choked field near downtown West Asheville. 

The goal was a new community of 22 houses, most of them for families with children. The name of the development, Carney Place, was selected by a major Asheville Habitat donor to honor an old family home.

We are following the progress of Carney Place from vacant lot to thriving community, telling the stories of the families, volunteers, staff and donors who are making it possible.

Be sure and check back for future installments.

MOST RECENTCarney_Pl_default-2_0.jpg
Chapter 7 
(May 2012)
Asheville’s ReStore is one key to Carney Place


ALL CHAPTERSCarney_Pl_default-3_0.jpg
Chapter 1
 (May 2011)
Welcome to Carney Place

ALL CHAPTERS.Carney_Pl_default-4_0.jpg
Chapter 2 
(June 2011)
The Homeless build a home

ALL CHAPTERS.Carney_Pl_default-5_0.jpg
Chapter 3 
(July 2011)
The Robles-Leon family

Carney_Pl_default-6_0.jpgChapter 4 (October 2011)
Moving day (slideshow)

Carney_Pl_default-7_0.jpgChapter 5 (December 2011)
The Thomas family

Carney_Pl_default-8_0.jpgChapter 6 (March 2012)
“We have become family”

Carney_Pl_default-2_0.jpgChapter 7 (May 2012)
Asheville’s ReStore is one key to Carney Place


The families of Carney Place
 (May 2011)

Moving day
 (October 2011)