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Signs of progress in Dallas

Build-a-Thon 2012 Dallas, Texas build site

One hour and 15 minutes into the first day of the AmeriCorps Build-a-Thon in Dallas, crew members were busy raising the walls on 11 homes — the largest number among the four 2012 Build-a-Thon event sites. About 125 AmeriCorps members arrived in Dallas on Sunday, eager to kick off the second week of Build-a-Thon. Photo by Julie Gurnon


By 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, trusses were going up at the Dallas build site. Photo by Julie Gurnon

At the end of Day 3 in Dallas, roof decking and weather wrapping had begun on most of the homes. Several homes — like the one on the far right — are being built using structural insulated panels, rather than traditional framing. Photo by Jennifer Knoeber


By the end of Day 4 on the Dallas Build-a-Thon site, windows had been installed and shingling was under way on most of the homes. Photo by Julie Gurnon

AmeriCorps members completed the dry-in phase on 11 homes in Dallas. Shingles were installed on five of the homes. Amazing work! Thank you, AmeriCorps members!