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Let’s get this party started

Bring it on, Build-a-Thon 2012! We are ready!
By Aliya Petzing


Blogger Aliya Petzing


Hello my name is Aliya. I will be blogging throughout the week of Build-a-Thon letting everyone know what we’re up to down on the Gulf Coast!

With the holidays and a new year separating the conference and Build-a-Thon, it was easy to get caught up in daily work. However, with the constant deadline of Build-a-Thon looming, our Pensacola AmeriCorps team began planning evening events and activities to ensure that everyone will have plenty of things to do and see here in sunny - and sometimes thundery - Florida!

As a team we have tried to come up with a plethora of events to keep everyone involved and having fun. Among other things, we have a drive-in movie night, trivia night, digital scavenger hunt, a cook out and a nature hike.

AmeriCorps members will be staying in the dorms at the University of West Florida. School is still in session, so there is sure to be lots of activities to do. If relaxation is what you want, we’ve got that as well with some yoga sessions taught by one of our own AmeriCorps members, Josh Queyquep!

With all of these fun events being planned and time flying by, before we know it all of us in Pensacola have blinked and are just a week away from launch day - yikes!

Despite having more ample prep time and coordination than the previous year, Pensacola Habitat is feeling crunch time. Last-minute details are being sorted, meals finalized, housing and events booked. Our six lots have been chosen, our build sites have been assigned, the bedding is waiting to be used and our partner families have been selected!

There is one thing for sure, putting aside last minute preparations and stresses that go along with organizing an event of this scale, all of us here in Pensacola are stoked to get this party started!

Aliya Petzing is a first-year AmeriCorps National member serving as family services coordinator at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity. Aliya came to Pensacola from her hometown of Portland, Oregon.