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Haitian homeowners learn valuable skills

Nov. 27, 2012
By Jesse Beauregard 

Volunteer Mitch from Seattle and Habitat homeowner Delva from Leogone, Haiti level roof trusses.

Today’s theme is “Housing and health,” which means that as housing improves, the risk of disease decreases. Substandard housing often is coupled with inadequate sanitation, which can put the family living there, as well as the community, at risk. This is why Habitat’s efforts in Haiti are critical and why much more is need to restore health and housing to 1.6 billion people living in inadequate housing.

The best aproach to helping rebuild Haiti comes from passing on the knowledge of how to build  or rebuild homes during projects like the Carter Work Project. By providing hands on experience with homeowners we give the homeowner’s the unique chance to learn exactly what it takes to build a home. We help empower and challenge community members to use what they have learned to help others.

The partner families of Women Build and Cars for Homes sponsored houses, Sagaille and Delva, are learning how to set roof trusses, secure hurricane clips to 2-by-4-inch lumber, and balance on scaffolding to construct aluminum roofs. These skills will prove invaluable as Haiti continues to restore housing and safe living conditions to the lives of every family left homeless by the earthquake.

Jesse Beauregard is the social media consultant for Habitat International’s Women Build and Cars for Homes programs.