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Using Share.Habitat for your next fundraising campaign

By Tracie Troha

Since its launch in 2011, Habitat for Humanity International’s Share.Habitat website has made great strides in helping affiliates and volunteers reach their fundraising goals. 

To date, Share.Habitat fundraisers have raised nearly $3.5 million and brought 6,782 new donors to Habitat, according to Wynne Eden, Habitat Internationa’s social media project manager. The majority of the site’s users are Global Village and Thrivent Builds Worldwide volunteers, but many affiliates have begun making Share.Habitat part of their fundraising efforts as well.

Abrielle Willis, volunteer coordinator at Habitat for Humanity Susqueshanna in Bel Air, Md., is using Share.Habitat to promote her affiliate’s upcoming Women Build

Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County’s Share.Habitat page

“It’s nice to have another tool we can use to fundraise,” Willis said. “We’ve never used the Share.Habitat fundraiser platform before, so it’s something we can experiment with.”

Share.Habitat’s fundraising toolkit helps users promote their trips or events on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and offers email templates that users can send to their contact lists. A chart also keeps track of how much money has been raised. 

Willis said her affiliate sent emails encouraging people to visit their Share.Habitat fundraising page. They have also been promoting their Share.Habitat campaign on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. 

“It’s easy because it allows people to donate to my campaign in minutes. People enjoy the convenience of it and see their money has a direct impact,” Willis said.

She added that she also used Share.Habitat to fundraise for her Global Village trips to El Salvador and Kenya. 

Karly Grilliot, development manager at Habitat for Humanity Northwest Harris County in Houston, Texas, said she learned about Share.Habitat after seeing a friend use it for her Global Village trip.

“I donated to her trip through Share.Habitat, and as I was looking around on the site I discovered that other pages are being used by affiliates,” Grilliot said.

Grilliot decided to use Share.Habitat as part of her campaign to raise funds for a five-bedroom, three-bath Women Build home. It’s been a challenge for her to get people to visit and donate through the site, but Grilliot is hopeful she will have success.

“I hope it’s a hit, though it hasn’t happened yet,” Grilliot said. “I hope to start getting folks that are little more tech savvy to donate though the site, and I hope to grab folks from Facebook.”

Affiliates interested in creating a Share.Habitat fundraising page can get started at 

Tracie Troha is a program communications writer/editor for Habitat for Humanity International.