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Women Build frequently asked questions

What is the Women Build training program?
Local Habitat affiliates teach women volunteers how to construct decent, affordable housing. This training program is available in most areas. Contact to find out about the next Women Build training offered in your area.


Does Habitat promote feminist issues?
We believe that decent, affordable housing is not a feminist issue. It is a quality of life and basic human dignity issue facing families everywhere.

The Women Build department of Habitat for Humanity International has one mission: empower women to take action against poverty housing conditions. The more people we can train to become effective volunteers, the better equipped we will be to fight poverty housing. Women Build brings together women from all walks of life to address in a concrete way the housing crisis facing millions of women and children across the globe.

Women Build is not about excluding men. It is about including women and opening new doors of opportunity. Men are often involved in our training programs and build projects in supportive roles and as subcontractors when women from the necessary trades are not available.

In what other ways does Women Build empower women?
Women Build supports Habitat’s advocacy programs by collecting information on the challenges that face women worldwide, particularly property rights. Women Build is exploring partnerships with several nongovernment organizations in developing countries to assist them in bringing the full rights and responsibilities of homeownership to women.

How do homeowners feel about their homes being built by women?
The homeowners are thrilled to finally have a home, and women of all ages have proven themselves capable in the construction of homes. For single mothers, a Women Build is even more empowering. Women and men alike have great respect and gratitude for the women volunteers and for the skills they acquire working side by side.

What do you do if there is a male homeowner?
Male homeowners build right alongside women volunteers.