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Habitat for Humanity Uganda

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HFH Uganda
Plot 7206 Bukasa Close Off Muyenga Tankhill Road
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Habitat's work in Uganda

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Country Profile

The housing need in Uganda
Prevalent conflict in the region and in Uganda itself have meant a high number of internally displaced people and refugees. This conflict and instability alongside the effects of HIV/AIDS, malaria and poor health care has resulted in the orphaning of around 45 percent of Ugandan children (defined as having lost one or both parents).

In addition to the issue of orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs), extreme poverty is another problem. This has resulted in over half of the children who live in homes sharing a single room with at least three people. 38 percent of the population lives in grass thatched huts.

Habitat for Humanity in Uganda
For 28 years, Habitat for Humanity has partnered with OVC Caregivers and low-income families to build simple, decent and affordable homes in Uganda.

Homeowners in Uganda now have the security they need in their Habitat safe decent and affordable homes.
Homeowner’s children in Uganda.

Today, HFH Uganda’s Community Interventions are carried out through two distinct programs:

1. Housing Microfinance: Most homes in Uganda are built using fired mud bricks and sand which are locally available and easy to make or find. Once building has started, however, most homeowners find that the materials needed to complete construction are too cost prohibitive. Through home improvement loans and micro-financing, Habitat for Humanity helps these families complete their homes. Due to a countrywide increase in the cost of building materials, the cost of homes is continually rising. Additionally, many low-income families have trouble accessing bank credit for home construction. Habitat Uganda helps these families by building with them in stages. After the families have paid off their home loans, they can apply for additions to their existing homes.

2. OVC: Habitat Uganda works with OVC and their Caregivers to build simple, decent and affordable homes complete with Ventilated Improved Pit latrines and adjacent shower stalls. Apart from housing, the OVC intervention includes training in health and other relevant life skills for the families.


Country facts

Capital : Population : 32,370,000

HIV Prevalence:5.4%

Number of AIDS orphans: 1,200,000

Population excluded from financial services: 2 percent


Habitat facts

When the program started: 1982

Video : HFH Uganda on YouTube

Housing Solutions: New Houses, Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Housing Microfinance, Repairs and rehabilitation (Home Improvement)