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Act! Speak! Build! Week


Act! Speak! Build! Week goes beyond the build site as volunteers advocate for decent, affordable shelter by engaging elected officials and their community to eradicate poverty housing. Our next event will be held in 2017.

Building alone cannot provide shelter for the 1.6 billion people who currently live in poverty housing. Act! Speak! Build! Week serves to educate others by expanding the scope of Habitat’s mission from raising a hammer and raising funds to include raising your voice.

Become an advocate

Act: Become an online advocate with Habitat for Humanity and learn about the issues related to poverty housing.

Speak: Challenge peers to become advocates through Act! Speak! Build Week events and partner with your local affiliate to provide a true understanding of how Habitat for Humanity works with partner families in your community and abroad.

Build: Build awareness in your community about poverty housing issues through events that engage local officials, such as scheduling visits with local representatives about housing issues, letter-writing and phone call campaigns to U.S. representatives.

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