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Act! Speak! Build! Week guide for local Habitat affiliates

I want to advocate, but to whom do I advocate? 

Connect with your affiliate
Your affiliate may already be doing advocacy work and it would be a great opportunity to jump on board with existing platforms. If they are not involved, it may be an opportunity for you and the affiliate to join together and start an advocacy plan.
Register to vote
The first step to being an advocate is making sure you’re registered to vote. If you’re not registered to vote, you can do so at Rock the Vote. Remember, you don’t have to be over age 18 to advocate or have a say in government.
Contact Congress 
It’s important to know who is representing your area in Congress. These are the individuals representing you on national issues like Housing Finance Reform and National Service Funding. You can use our search page to find your elected officials. Reach out to them with the issues you are interested in; they are there to listen to you!
Locate local officials
Find out who your mayor, town treasurer and others are by going to your town or city’s website. You should also reach out to them with any local issues like blight or rezoning.
Attend town hall meetings
Check your newspaper and city websites for the latest  meeting information. Attending is a great way to get to know your local officials and those appointed to roles overseeing housing issues in your community. It’s a great opportunity to learn about local issues and voice your opinion.
Prep your talk
  • What are the housing issues that you see in your community?
    • Is there a shortage of affordable housing in your area?
    • Are there homes and neighborhoods that look rundown and blighted?
Make the move
Don’t just stop with your elected officials. Research the issues you see and get the background information on your city to help you form possible solutions to present to your elected officials. You can also: 
  • Call, write emails, letters, start a petition, etc., to persuade your representatives.
  • Speak at town hall meetings with confidence and raise questions about housing.
  • Get more people involved for more effective advocacy.