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Disaster Services Grant

State Farm® Disaster Services Grant 2014
Since 2007, State Farm has served as the official corporate sponsor of Habitat for Humanity International’s Youth Programs. Their sponsorship commitment helps youth throughout the United States become more engaged in their communities, and ultimately helps build more homes for families in need. State Farm is proud to renew this sponsorship through the 2014-2015 school year, continuing to serve as the official corporate sponsor of Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Programs.

State Farm is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to provide funds for United States affiliates affected by disasters. Affiliates applying for funding must involve youth ages 16 to 25 and their local State Farm zone office contacts and agents in disaster recovery efforts.

Any U.S. affiliate, campus chapter or Youth United group in good standing may apply for the grant. Grant funds will be sent to the covenant affiliate directly.

Grant funds

  • Affiliates in partnership with youth ages 16 to 25 can apply for funds to aid in rebuilding and recovery in their community. This can include new home construction, critical home repair and additional community rebuilding activities.  
    • Maximum award amount: $20,000
  • Affiliates in partnership with youth ages 16 to 25 can apply for funds to aid in disaster cleanup. This includes debris removal, deconstruction and activities in preparation of community rebuilding and recovery projects.
    • Maximum award amount: $10,000
  •  Campus chapter or Youth United groups wishing to participate in disaster recovery can apply to partner with an affected affiliate in their service area to aid in recovery, including cleanup and building.
    • Maximum award amount: $20,000 for rebuilding and recovery projects; $10,000 for cleanup

Fund dispersal

  • Funds can be applied for on a rolling basis.
  • Funds will be reviewed June 13, Sept. 12, and Dec. 12.
  • All funds must be used six months after receiving full grant amount.


Project must:

  • Relate to disaster response and recovery efforts. A state of emergency must have been declared by the state in which the funds are being requested for an event.
  • Involve youth ages 16 to 25.
  • Include a recognition event with local State Farm agents.
  • Include an evaluation for students and affiliate staff. 
  • Conclude with a financial report showing how fund dispersal.

Application process
Either a student group (Youth United and campus chapter) or a United States Habitat for Humanity affiliate can initiate the grant application. If a student group is partnering with an affiliate, both the group and the affiliate must sign the Memorandum of Understanding upon receiving the grant.

Reporting requirements
Documents expected at the end of the grant cycle include:

  • Final report (template provided at grant dispersal).
  • Financial report (template provided in dispersal).
  • Any pictures, news articles or reflections from staff, students or affiliate staff are accepted, but not required. 
  • All reporting requirements must be received three weeks after the completion of the project.

Applications will be accepted throughout 2014. Applications will be reviewed June 13, Sept. 12 and Dec. 12. Once all funding has been dispersed, the grant will close. 


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