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Habitat dog house

Many youth may be too young for a Habitat work site, but they aren’t too young to begin learning about building. As a hands-on building activity, the dog house is a great way for younger Habitat volunteers to build a home – not for man but for “man’s best friend.”

Utilizing as few building materials as possible, this new building activity is a lesson in economical, environmentally friendly construction. It also provides youth with a fun opportunity to obtain valuable skills they can later utilize on a Habitat worksite.

The instructions provided (.pdf) contain approximate age levels, time tables, material lists, step-by-step directions, diagrams and a finished product picture.

This activity is most effective when done in a group. Adult supervision is required. Adults should complete all steps requiring power tools. Adults should also demonstrate proper safety precautions at all times around youth, setting a good example for them to follow.

Encourage youth to have fun with this project by adding their own personal touches. Most importantly, allow the youth to take ownership of the experience, assure them that their contribution to the project is valued.

What to do once you’ve built your dog house:

  • Sell to your affiliate’s ReStore
  • Give them as gifts to new homeowners – invite homeowner youth
  • Give them as gifts to donors
  • Use as a fund-raiser (in a raffle, etc.)

For more ideas contact your local affiliate. You can find your affiliate by visiting our website at

Direct any questions or comments to or to (800) 422-4828, ext. 7545.