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Possible Green Build projects

Hosting a speaker
Have a speaker from a local utility company, architecture group or sustainable building organization speak to the class about ways that homes can be more energy efficient.

Class projects

  • Create a presentation about green building using the information you have been given. Give the presentation to your class, school, etc.
  • Research a bill that supports green building and write a letter to the congress person that represents that area.
  • Research other green build techniques and come up with a new checklist.

Green Build project resources
Check out the following links for ideas on possible projects you can do with your class or youth group!

Green Building/Building Science conferences & training events West Coast Green – Every September. Habitat-friendly. Green Build Expo – Every November. NAHB Green Builder’s Show – Every spring. (NESEA) Northeast Sustainable Energy Association Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)– Workshops, networking and policy discussions. Urban sustainable development practices. New Urbanism – Events around the U.S. on design/architecture, planning and development Solar Energy International – Hands-on training workshops on solar systems to straw bale and wind power. Also have workshops just for women. Affordable Comfort – Every April. Building science. Habitat-friendly. May provide discounts. (EEBA) Energy and Environmental Building Association – Every October. Building science. Habitat-friendly. May provide discounts. NeighborWorks America– Provides resources and training around the U.S. on quality affordable housing.