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Hands-on building projects

Do you have youth under the age of 16 who want to get involved with some hands-on building? The following activities can be great ways to get those youth involved. These are fun ways for youth to learn needed construction skills before they are old enough to head over to a build site.

Each activity contains approximate age levels, time tables, material lists, step-by-step directions and a finished product picture. Some include diagrams as well.

These activities can be done in a group or individually. All activities require adult supervision. Adults should complete all steps requiring power tools. Adults should demonstrate proper safety precautions at all times around youth, setting a good example for them to follow.

Hands-on building projects:

Suggested ways to use these projects:

  • Sell in your affiliate’s ReStore.
  • Give them as gifts to new homeowners.
  • Do them with homeowner children.
  • Give as gifts to donors.
  • Use as a fund-raiser (raffle, etc.).

Encourage youth to be creative and add personal touches to each project. But most importantly, let them have fun with it! Enjoy!

Direct any questions or comments to or (800) 422-4828, Ext. 2412.