Make every day Earth Day with Habitat

As Habitat works toward a world where everyone has a decent place to live, we emphasize efficiency, durability, wise use of resources and sustainability — for the benefit of our environment and our homeowners. On this Earth Day, here are a few Habitat things you should know:

Cars for Homes
Did you know that your car can help build affordable homes? Donate your vehicle, and it will be auctioned, sold for reusable parts or recycled into new steel products. One hundred percent of the net proceeds will be used by your local Habitat affiliate to help build and repair affordable homes in your area.

Habitat ReStores
Habitat ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores and donation centers that sell new and gently used furniture, home accessories, building materials and appliances to the public at a fraction of the retail price. Proceeds are used to build locally and around the world.

Love do-it-yourself ideas, home improvement projects, green living tips and reuse possibilities? Check out “Why ReStore?”, a new online community centered on DIY-ers, treasure hunters and green living enthusiasts. The content of the blog is designed to be just as fun and exciting as the ReStore environment. Learn how it all helps to further Habitat’s mission!

Sustainable building
Habitat builds differently from place to place, but our goals are universal: To provide healthy living conditions and reduce monthly and life-cycle costs. Support and volunteer with Habitat to explore exciting projects in your community and around the world.

Here are a few that have recently caught our eye: