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Habitat houses around the world

The affordable housing that your support makes possible around the world might differ from place to place, but the hope you help build always remains the same.

In 70-plus countries and more than 1,400 U.S. communities, the families who build with Habitat know the life-changing security of having a decent place to live. Since 1976, your partnership has helped more than 1 million of those families create better lives in better housing.

Let’s keep building!


Evelyn Jackson and her two children moved into their Habitat home in 1988, the very first home of their own they had ever had. When you help us build, you help parents like Jackson have the security and independence they need to provide a stable, lasting place for their children to call home.


Philippe Francois wrote:


lorraine carr wrote:

please help me to get a house, I can assist if necessary. 2 years ago I volunteered.

lucina beltran wrote:

I want help. Too application for bay one of this houses what can I do

bettyann wrote:

You wouldn't have ro have any in n.j.

rhonda charles wrote:

Hi good day I'm writing this letter to ask for your help, we could get a new house or repairs my mom and I are trying to get a deed of comfort to get assessant for self help but it will take a while to get by d
That time we won't have a place to call home if it's possible that u get this please please can u help in any small way I thank u in advance

Sharawe, Ahmed wrote:

Great job, East Africa need your idea and innovations

robin bailey wrote:

I think habitat is an good organization to be a part of.

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