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Monday, Nov. 26

Cars for Homes volunteer Beryl WilshireCars for Homes volunteer Beryl Wiltshire works to hang cement board during the Carter Work Project in Haiti.

In Haiti, there is great concern for two main health issues: sanitation and access to clean water. Volunteers see firsthand that the rebuilding of safe homes is just the first step in providing families with the hope of a better future.

One of the ways that these new homes will fulfill the need for sanitation and clean water sources is latrines. Cars for Homes together with Women Build have donated $200,000 towards the building of latrines in the Santo community.

Each ventilated latrine is built with an elevated composting toilet and exterior drains, which will collect water for bucket showers. It is hopeful that these efficient latrines will be a model for future community projects.

Today’s theme on the build site is “Pathways to permanence,” which refers to the need to develop long-term help for countries who have experienced disaster. While immediate relief is important, coming up with a solution for the years following is of equal importance.

In Haiti specifically, broader repair and construction activities will continue to move families towards decent, simple and permanent housing. Habitat hopes that setting up successful models, such as the latrine system, will provide a blueprint for future rebuilding efforts in Haiti.