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Materials conservation


Scrap construction materials are collected on the build site for volunteers to pick up and recycle.


Exterior of ReStore at Austin, Texas.


Conserving natural resources while saving money

The conservation and efficient use of materials helps save money while conserving natural resources. Less waste and the reuse of recyclable materials results in lower costs for Habitat partner families.

Materials conservation starts with the house design
Habitat home designs use less lumber and reduce material waste.

Simple, modestly-sized houses use less raw materials than large houses. Smaller houses are less expensive to build and easier to heat and cool.

Purchasing smaller quantities of materials decreases the environmental impact of raw material extraction, processing and transportation. It also reduces the amount of waste.

Promoting reuse and recycling
Local Habitat affiliates reuse and recycle leftover materials. These materials are channeled back into house construction or to materials recyclers.

Habitat ReStores
Habitat ReStores
sell reusable and surplus building materials to the public. The proceeds fund local Habitat house construction. As a result, they support materials conservation and help Habitat build more houses.

By using and re-using materials efficiently, we are encouraging good stewardship of our resources and the earth’s resources.