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Safe and healthy housing

The first stage in building healthy housing is addressing key indoor air quality issues in the design and construction process. Habitat home construction addresses moisture and mold, proper intentional ventilation, radon, and carbon monoxide.

Maintaining healthy air quality
Additional healthy indoor air quality issues like the ones below can only be addressed by homeowners themselves:

  • The effects of second-hand tobacco smoke on family members.
  • The impact of household pesticides and harsh chemicals on water sources and general health.
  • The proper maintenance of a home to reduce its impact on asthma sufferers.

Download the free booklet, “Keeping your home healthy,” in English or Spanish
You will need Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader to view this information.

After moving into a new home, adults and children may find indoor air problems that can be controlled through simple home care steps. We hope that this booklet helps you keep a healthy home for you and your family.


Keeping your home healthy (English)
Color version (1MB .pdf)
| Black and white version (800kb .pdf)



Como mantener su hogar saludable (Español)
Versión del color (1MB .pdf)
| Versión blanca y negra (800kb .pdf)

More information on indoor air quality issues


While most Habitat housing is new, some of our local affiliates rehabilitate older housing. If the housing was built before 1978, this practice may expose construction workers and homeowners to lead from lead-based paint.

Learn how to rehab safely by starting with this important lead safety information


Checklist for Lead Safety

A checklist for working lead safe (182kb .pdf)



Important lead resource Web sites

Additional resources on lead safety in construction