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Habitat for Humanity Uganda




Tree nursery

In Africa, trees meet a wide range of needs. Their wood provides fuel for cooking as well as material for house construction.

When planted on a house’s west side, trees provide shade during the hot afternoons, keeping the house cool. Trees purify the air, protect houses by blocking winds and prevent soil erosion by slowing water runoff.

Habitat for Humanity Uganda has developed tree nurseries, teaching Habitat homeowners to raise and care for trees. These nurseries replace the trees used in Habitat house construction, ensuring that this precious resource will continue to be available for future needs. Additional trees raised also provide local homeowners with a source of income.

Habitat affiliates in other parts of the world also are teaching homeowners to raise trees. In countries with drier climates, such as Peru, water is scarce and tree care requires extra attention. Here, the children of Habitat homeowners nurture their trees with waste water left over from washing clothes and dishes.

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