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AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps VISTA members support efforts to overcome poverty through community empowerment, capacity building, and sustainable solutions. Member roles might include fundraising, ReStore development, and creating systems to support successful volunteer and family engagement. Habitat AmeriCorps VISTA members commit to a year of service and receive a minimal living allowance.

AmeriCorps VISTA members may serve in one of the following roles:

Resource Development - Develop, document and implement a resource development system that increases financial and in-kind resources provided by individual donor nurturing and recognition systems, non-federal grant proposals, mailers, special events, house sponsorships and individual donations. The system can include plans to create marketing presentation kits or generate resources to fund new programs such as A Brush With Kindness or NRI-focused activities; improvements to donor and community partnership tracking and recognition; development of community presentations; coordination of special events; development of documented resources for continued financial sustainability.

ReStore Development - Develop, document and implement plans to mobilize more funds for local house building through development of ReStore opportunities and operations. This position may involve the development of a business plan, creation of a work schedule, recruitment and training of volunteer staff, publicity and promotion of the store, and evaluation of the ways in which the store meets the needs of the low income community while increasing funding for Habitat for Humanity.

Volunteer Development - Develop, document and implement a plan for volunteer recruitment, tracking, scheduling, training, and recognition in order to enhance the overall volunteer experience for participants, as well as increase the number of volunteers. The responsibilities may include creating a database to track volunteers and skills, documenting procedures for volunteer recruitment and utilization, and creating a follow-up appreciation program for recognizing volunteer service. Volunteer development could also focus on targeting specific groups or projects, such as developing a plan to engage the veteran and military community in volunteer activities, or developing plans to engage volunteers in new projects such as disaster recovery or NRI.

Family Services Development - Develop, document and implement new operations and processes to improve quality and/or capacity in the area of family services. This may include designing a user friendly application process, a homeowner education curriculum and committees that will support partner families. This VISTA member serves directly with the Family Selection and/or the Family Partner committees to establish a system of housing referrals, research and write a homeowner’s manual, develop and conduct a homeowner satisfaction survey, or implement family training programs.

Construction Systems - Develop, document and implement a plan to improve or expand the organization’s construction operations. This may include systems aimed at traditional house construction, as well as systems for expanded services such as rehabs, ABWK and Critical Home Repair. Here, the VISTA member is utilized for his or her knowledge of construction to develop a construction management system. The VISTA member may be asked to develop a manual, giving step-by-step instructions for site acquisition or house construction. A VISTA in this role focuses on creating systems and processes, and typically does not focus on direct service activities on the construction site.

Project Development - Develop new, or improve existing, projects, programs, systems of management, or events that do not fall into the categories above. Examples include developing and implementing plans to engage Veterans at the community level by developing a Veterans Build program. Activities may include: engaging community participation with the project through presentations, materials and systems for recruitment of partners; research, develop and implement systems to accurately track and record project related data and the evaluation of those systems; develop the documentation of resources and directions for maintaining systems used in the research, development and execution of the project, and identify transition staff or volunteers to sustain the project.

AmeriCorps Benefits that you may be eligible for include:

  • Education award ($5,550) or end of service stipend ($1,500) upon successful completion of service. The Ed Award is good for seven years from the completion of service. This is a taxable benefit.
  • Student Loan Forbearance: AmeriCorps members may be eligible to postpone the repayment of their qualified student loans through loan forbearance. While the loan is in forbearance during the term of service, interest continues to accrue. Accrued interest on qualified loans is eligible for payment by the National Service Trust. Please check out the AmeriCorps website for additional details. Please note that not all loans are qualified for forbearance and candidates should check with their lender to see if their loan qualifies.
  • Health Benefits: Members are eligible to enroll in a limited health plan. Please note this plan is does not meet the minimal essential coverage of the Affordable Care Act.
  • 10 personal and 10 sick days
  • Childcare: AmeriCorps members can receive childcare benefits if they meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Non-competitive Hiring Status: When AmeriCorps VISTA members satisfactorily complete one full year of service, they earn non-competitive eligibility for federal government jobs for one year after the member’s service.

Requirements to serve:

  • Age 18 or older
  • A U.S. citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident
  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalence -- or agree to work towards one while serving.
  • Must have a valid driver's license (only required at some sites)

To Express Interest:

1) Create a profile through My AmeriCorps:

  • A profile is required before applying for any position.
  • Create your My AmeriCorps online profile now.

2)Search for opportunities:

  • Once you have created your profile, you may search for and apply to specific service opportunities through My AmeriCorps.
  • View current Habitat for Humanity AmeriCorps openings on


  • Once you find an opportunity you would like to apply for, log in to your My AmeriCorps profile.
  • On the left hand menu select “Applicant Home,” and then “Search Listings.”
  • Select the program type you are interested in (AmeriCorps State/National or AmeriCorps VISTA, if applicable).
  • Designate the state where the opportunity is located (if applicable).
  • Under program name, type either “Habitat for Humanity” or the specific “Host Site Name” from our current openings list.
  • Finally, click the “Apply Now” button and follow the steps provided.

4) Follow these tips for completing your My AmeriCorps profile and application(s):

  • In your Motivational Statement, explain why you are interested in committing to a year of service.
  • Make sure you have two completed references. References cannot be friends or family.
  • Placements are competitive; we suggest you apply to multiple opportunities.
About Habitat:

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry. The purpose and goal of Habitat for Humanity International is to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses in partnership with families in need. Habitat for Humanity has an Administrative Headquarters based in Atlanta, an Operational Headquarters based in Americus, Georgia, and Area Office bases of operations in Manila, Philippines for our Asia and Pacific work, San Jose, Costa Rica for our Latin American and Caribbean work and Bratislava, Slovakia for our Europe, the Middle East and Africa work.

Habitat for Humanity engages people of all ages and backgrounds in addressing community needs.

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