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A happy anniversary -- Habitat for Humanity Int'l 1

A happy anniversary

Habitat World marks 25 years of education, outreach and awareness-raising

So much has happened since the 1984 debut of Habitat World. Thanks to technology and travel, the world has been shrinking. Thanks to the hard work and the help of partner families and supporters, Habitat for Humanity has been growing.

In the intervening years, Habitat’s flagship publication has traded its original black-and-white newspaper format for a newer incarnation, the colorfully crafted magazine you now hold in your hands and its online presence at

The form may have changed, but the fundamentals of the Habitat World story stay the same.


The stories that we tell in every issue of Habitat World are as singular and special as the individual families and communities we profile. And yet, there is always one overarching theme, one underlying connection. Habitat World exists to shine a light on the ongoing fight to eliminate inadequate and poverty housing around the world—to tell of successes, to bear witness to need, to intertwine a celebration of progress with a call to action.

Current partner families, future homeowners, constant volunteers, tireless advocates—these are the workers who have built a movement. Every one of their stories that we are able to share in these pages is another brick in the house of Habitat. Our goal has always been for Habitat World to be a source of inspiration, a starter kit of ideas, a shared experience of the power of change. We tell the stories to spread the word and spur the work.


As it is with every step that Habitat takes, stewardship is of paramount concern to Habitat World. We seek examples from around the world of careful, responsible and innovative efforts to highlight in our pages. We want supporters to know where their donations go—and to know how well they are used. And we take seriously our task of publishing a magazine with stewardship in mind.

As the magazine has evolved through the years, the Habitat World staff—developing a number of longstanding relationships with production and publishing vendors—has worked hard to ensure that the changes have not come with exponentially higher costs. From paper purchases to mailing list maintenance, we make decisions knowing that publishing Habitat World is a privilege—and realizing that our foremost job is to create an effective, efficient tool for raising awareness and furthering Habitat’s mission.


It has never been enough for us to simply tell the stories of the people we meet in Habitat’s world. We feel that we must tell them well, and with the grace and distinction they demand. With the attention to detail of master builders-in-the-making, Habitat World writers, photographers and designers harness their crafts daily in the service of the Habitat story.

Through the years, the magazine’s efforts have consistently received recognition from regional and national publishing peer groups in the United States, including the Magazine Association of the Southeast and the Society of National Association Publications. While the reward we seek is ultimately of a higher plane, such benchmarks help us know that our work is solid—and that we are doing our very best to showcase the work of Habitat.


Even as you read these words, somewhere—maybe in your city or town, maybe somewhere across the sea—Habitat houses are taking shape. The work goes on, and so do the stories. Habitat remains committed to its goal of eliminating poverty housing, and Habitat World, 25 years and counting, is committed to its part of the master plan. To inform and engage, to educate and edify. To change and be changed.

To us, our faithful readership is just another community that Habitat is creating. We are all builders, together.

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