Six things you will find in every Habitat house

Six things you’ll find in every Habitat house

What makes up a Habitat house?

Doors, walls, windows. A firm foundation. The pitch of a roof, the polish of a shiny house number. And so much more.

Every house that Habitat builds or rehabilitates is filled with the promise of things perhaps not seen at first glance. Roll over the house below to discover the wonderful things you help build when you build with Habitat.


The sky is the limit when a family lives under a Habitat roof they helped raise. Decent housing can help turn struggle into success.



It’s hard to map out tomorrow when uncertainty is the place you call home. The reassurance of ownership gives families a settled place from which to plan.



Too many families live inside walls that barely keep out the world but allow in the damp and despair of insecure living conditions. Habitat helps change that.



Affordable housing opens the door to a new beginning. When a family crosses the threshold of a Habitat house, they enter a world of possibility.



A hand offered in help is a powerful catalyst for change. When Habitat families and volunteers build side by side, everyone shares a new perspective.


Healthy foundation

Solid ground is always the best place to start. A Habitat house provides the right platform for a better tomorrow.