A Time to Build

“It is not enough to speculate on social change. There are people who prefer to sit in a lovely office, talking and planning and theologizing. On the other extreme, there are terrorist groups who prefer to create mass horror and fear in the hope that some new order will emerge. But between the theory brokers and the terror brokers stand those like Habitat for Humanity, who choose to act, however humbly, who choose to serve, however inadequately, who choose to work, however meagerly …

“So we build, and we build, and we build. We build houses, we build communities, we build friendships, we build mailing lists, we build compassion. We build with the spirit of God poured into every foundation, fired into every brick, driven into every board, turned in with every key. We build amid mountains of red tape, and frustration, and culture shock, and language difficulty, and personality conflicts, and financial crisis, and homesickness, and jealousy. But still somehow we squeeze the love of Jesus into every joint.” — David Rowe as quoted in No More Shacks, speaking during the 1983 celebration at the conclusion of Habitat’s seventh-anniversary, 700-mile walk to Indianapolis

A Time to Grow
Canadian college student gives his summer to Habitat and builds skills

A Time to Connect
Philadelphia volunteer invests time in Habitat, sees many rewards

A Time to Teach
Habitat volunteer emphasizes instruction in St. Louis

A Time to Plan
Tennessee mom begins her sweat equity, looks forward to future

A Time to Settle In
Habitat family creates a new life — and community — in Oregon.

A Time to Weep, a Time to Laugh
Indiana homeowner pays off her Habitat home and begins a new era