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Improving safety at the affiliates

What I would like to address this month is a way we can improve jobsite safety and feel very positive about it.

Recently I was at a build where the affiliate was short of needed tools and had some extension cords that’s ends were exposing individual wires. Two very positive actions occurred.

We, our Care-A-Vanner team, chipped in and purchased the needed tools for the affiliate.

In addition, one of our team also dedicated a half a day to fixing all the bad extension cord ends. In essence, we left the affiliate with better equipment than when we came. This will benefit the affiliate in the future as well as make building easier and safer for the next Care-A-Vanner team and local volunteers.

This hit me like a brick. In the past I’ve been on teams where we made a donation to the affiliate but never purchased equipment or fixed safety problems. As you travel to different builds, consider a team assessment of what the affiliate could use to improve safety, and purchase an item to that end for the affiliate.

Your team will enjoy the benefit of the safety equipment as well as future Care-A-Vanner teams to follow. Also, having a team member dedicating some time to, in our case, repair the extension cord ends benefits everybody as well.

Work safe,
Frank Peccia
Keizer, Oregon