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Housing need in Argentina

For the past four decades, Argentina has gone from crisis to crisis, from the military dictatorship of the late 1970s to hyperinflation in the late ’80s and the economic crash of 2001. This has contributed to a culture unused to saving for the long term, and an economic environment where loans are not easy to come by.

According to the 2010 Census, almost 3.5 million households — more than 10 million people — in Argentina are facing housing problems.

Only 51 percent of the houses in Argentina have potable water and sewage systems with connection to the public network. About one-third of the population lives in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, which means that the housing problems are concentrated in urban zones. Although the right to adequate housing is part of the Argentinean Constitution, there are no options for housing credits for low-income families. 




Habitat for Humanity Argentina

Since 2002, Habitat for Humanity Argentina has put its faith into action as a Christian organization by mobilizing people and resources to promote access to adequate housing.

We have provided 1,000 housing solutions and over 4,000 training events on generating integral and sustainable solutions. To learn more, go to hpha.org.ar or follow us at facebook.com/hphargentina or on Twitter @hphargentina.


Habitat’s contribution in Argentina

As of 2014, Habitat for Humanity Argentina has completed over 1,000 housing solutions and empowered more than 4,000 families through workshops and technical or legal assistance. Additionally, Habitat Argentina has accomplished advocacy results in several fields, including secure tenure and exemptions from certain municipal obligations for low-income family housing. We have also advocated for the city of Buenos Aires to include rental housing as a solution in its housing policy.

Through the three programs described below, Habitat Argentina promotes sustainable solutions to human and community development.

From the Seed House to Neighborhood Development: This project empowers families to manage the construction of their “seed house” — a core house with a foundation for a full house — training them to manage budgets, masons and volunteers. In addition, families are trained to work toward their neighborhood’s development beyond Habitat Argentina’s intervention. This program is active in La Matanza, Buenos Aires; the City of Santa Fe; and the City of Recreo, Santa Fe.

Recycling Urban Homes for Assisted Rents: This program purchases dilapidated buildings and turns them into decent rental apartments, providing an innovative housing solution for inner cities. It also helps provide access to formal leasing markets for families who have been making informal payments in inadequate conditions. This is implemented in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca.

Remote Communities and Disaster Response: This project, carried out purely by volunteers, serves families in small, inaccessible communities in the interior of the country, offering repairs and hope after floods or other disasters. It also provides improvements related to health issues such as Chagas’ disease. Groups of volunteers have been to Salta, Jujuy, Formosa, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Río Negro and San Juan.


Meet a Habitat Family

Ever since she learned she was pregnant, Noelia Fernández had dreamed about having a house. For years, all she had was a shack that aggravated her young son’s health problems.

Noelia and her son

“In the other house, my son had too many respiratory problems, and when it rained, the house would get flooded,” Fernández said.

When she learned about Habitat Argentina, she participated in workshops and discovered that “it was not just about getting the money to build the house; they taught us to work for a solution. It is a commitment together with others.”

In October 2012, Fernández was selected for the “Seeds of Hope” project in the 22 de enero settlement in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. With Habitat’s help, and a loan, she learned to build and manage the budget of her Seed House. With the help of her father, a mason, Fernández quickly completed the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and bedroom, and in 2013 she moved into her new home with her partner and her son.

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To learn more about Habitat projects in Argentina, please contact us:

·       Ana Cutts, National Director acutts@hpha.org.ar

·       Constanza Ledesma, Development Coordinator cledesma@hpha.org.ar