A group of Global Village volunteers in Habitat shirts on a build site in Mexico.

Global Village

Volunteer abroad with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat’s Global Village program is a transformative weeklong international volunteer experience with opportunities across five continents. Volunteer groups build or improve homes by partnering with local communities to meet safety and livability standards as part of Habitat’s vision where everyone has a decent place to live. 

Global Village program resumption update

We are thrilled to bring back the Global Village program this spring after suspending operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Prior to suspension, the program was active across 40 countries with over 13,000 annual volunteers. Now, after evaluating the program and with ongoing preparations, we are dedicated to making the program even more effective, sustainable and community centered.

Beginning in spring 2024, we invite you to bring together an organized group from your university, social club, church, local Habitat organization, family or friend network and apply to serve with Global Village. At this time, there are no opportunities for independent volunteers to join a group. Though service opportunities will be limited at first, we will be adding more throughout the year as we continue to grow.

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The Global Village experience

  • Teamwork: Global Village groups usually consist of up to 16 individuals led by a team leader, and work alongside local communities.
  • Program donation: Program donations range from US$1625-$2500 and cover the cost of accommodations, meals and ground transportation. Crucially, these donations also directly support Habitat’s housing programs in the countries. 
  • Locally driven: Communities come to Habitat with project goals and solutions to fulfill a specific local housing need. 
  • Lasting change: Projects are designed around larger Habitat initiatives, so the work does not stop when volunteers leave. Volunteers will also learn to advocate for housing policy on the macro scale where work is much needed. 

Examples of Global Village volunteer projects around the world

  • In Cambodia, volunteers built seven water towers as part of a sanitation and hygiene project to bolster communities against the risk of natural disasters and infectious diseases. 
  • In the Dominican Republic, volunteers built basic homes for individuals living in densely populated informal settlements. 
  • In Romania, volunteers renovated communist-era apartment blocks for special needs families. 
  • In Kenya, volunteers rehabilitated existing homes for vulnerable communities impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic and rising poverty. 

After the build

Your Global Village experience is just the beginning of a journey with Habitat for Humanity. We’re dedicated to making sure our volunteers have the tools to create lasting change. Before, during, and after your Global Village experience, we offer education and take-home tasks so you can continue to advocate for equitable housing where you are in the world. 

Is Global Village your next big journey?

We welcome diverse volunteers passionate about housing justice issues. Our programs are tailored for individuals seeking purpose, activists fighting for equitable communities, and advocates striving for sustainable change.

Join us as we transform aspirations into action, houses into homes, and volunteers into advocates. Build futures and drive change with Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village. 

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