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Housing need in Brazil

A recent survey ranked São Paulo as the world’s 10th most expensive city, and Rio de Janeiro as the 12th. New York, North America’s most expensive city, is 32nd, making Brazil the most expensive country in the Americas.

Brazil has between 6 million and 8 million fewer houses than it needs, and people earning less than US$1,000 per month account for about 90 percent of this deficit.

The greatest needs are in the northeast and southeast. In the cities, there is overcrowding and housing deterioration. It is estimated that more than 50 million Brazilians live in inadequate conditions. Most of these families have an income below the minimum wage of roughly US$300 per month. According to data from several sources, 26 million people in urban areas lack access to potable water, 14 million do not have trash collection service, and 83 million are not connected to sewage systems.



Habitat for Humanity in Brazil

Habitat’s work in Brazil began in 1992, serving families affected by floods in Belo Horizonte. Since then, Habitat Brazil has developed projects in 11 states. It is currently present in six states, building, repairing and improving homes; providing water access; and securing land tenure. 


Habitat’s contribution in Brazil

Habitat Brazil works to build complete homes as well as improve existing ones. In addition to construction services, the organization offers assistance in other areas to ensure the right to decent housing for all families.

The following are some of Habitat for Humanity Brazil’s current projects.

Building new houses: Habitat for Humanity Brazil is one of the entities authorized to work in partnership with the Brazilian government to build new houses for vulnerable families. Through the Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House, My Life) program, Habitat Brazil is building 1,623 houses in two cities in the state of Pernambuco.

House improvements: Through microcredit loans with the support of a technical assistance team, qualified masons and volunteers, mothers and fathers can guarantee a better future for their children and a safe and healthy home where they can study, rest and play. In Recife, 250 families will benefit from a project called The Future Begins at Home. In São Paulo, 100 families will have their houses improved through the Habitat in the Community project.

Water for Lives: In the semiarid region of Pernambuco, this project aims to improve the quality of life of families who live in extreme poverty and often have to walk for up to two hours to fetch water for their homes. By repairing and enlarging their roofs and building cisterns for water catchment and storage, hundreds of people have access to safe, usable water.

Financial literacy and environmental education: Workshops for families and young people on budget planning, human rights and environmental preservation encourage full community development.

Advocacy: Building impact in the sector is one of Habitat for Humanity’s global objectives. Habitat Brazil participates in debates and policy discussions for cities councils at the national, state and municipal levels. Habitat Brazil represents all NGOs and civil society organizations in the National Cities Council — formed by 71 holders representing the most diverse segments of civil society — to help solve the housing deficit and benefit more families living in inadequate houses. 


Meet a Habitat familiy

Inês Maria do Espírito Santo

Inês Maria do Espírito Santo is 65 and has lived in Bomba do Hemetério for over 40 years. Santo, a widow who is unemployed, lives with her daughter and two young grandsons. The family income is barely enough to make ends meet, and there was never enough to invest in improving their home. Their house had no bathroom or septic tank; the walls and roofs were damaged and in danger of collapsing; and there was no proper floor and few windows, which made the home very hot, humid and moldy.

Through microcredit loans, the family is progressively improving their house and guaranteeing that there is enough space to develop in a safe, healthy, adequate environment. After just improving the roof and ventilation, both children have been able to focus more on their schoolwork. Their health has improved, and they have been able to sleep better.


To donate or learn more about Habitat Brazil, visit:

Habitat for Humanity Brazil –  https://www.habitatbrasil.org.br/doe.aspx

Habitat for Humanity São Paulo - http://hph.org.br/httpswww-habitatbrasil-org-brdoe-aspx/


To learn more about Habitat projects in Brazil, please contact us:

Socorro Leite, National Executive Director HFH Brazil Socorro@habitatbrasil.org.br

Mário Vieira, Executive Director HFH São Paulo, mario.vieira@hph.org.br