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Quick Facts

  • Families served in 2016: 222
  • When the program started: 2001
  • Families served: More than 3,000
  • Volunteers hosted: More than 400
  • Housing solutions: Building of new homes, Repairs and renovations of homes, Housing microfinance, Social housing projects, Advocacy

Other facts:

  • Population: 7.2 million
  • Urbanization: 73.9 percent live in cities
  • Life expectancy: 74.4 years
  • Unemployment rate: 11.2 percent
  • Population living below poverty line: 21 percent

Find more country facts on: CIA The World Factbook – Bulgaria

Habitat for Humanity in Bulgaria

Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria has been active since 2001. It runs a diverse, innovative program tailored to meet the local housing need. Habitat Bulgaria works not only with families and individuals to improve their current housing situation but provides support also to communities by partnering with community-based social support organizations, adding value to their activities.

The housing need in Bulgaria

During communism, the national government provided families with housing. Once a market economy took hold, the responsibility for housing fell on the local authorities, who have no resources to deal with the problem. As a result, more and more homes need major repairs while many homeowners cannot afford even basic maintenance of their flats. The EU accession significantly increased the cost of property in Bulgaria, especially in the capital, pricing more and more families out of the market.

The majority of Bulgarians own a house or a flat, but they struggle to maintain them. Many live in big blocks of flats constructed 40-50 years ago. Maintenance of these buildings has become a severe challenge for the homeowners, as the structures are rapidly deteriorating. At the same time, social housing programs have been cancelled and low-income families have no options to improve their living conditions.

How Habitat addresses the need in Bulgaria

Habitat Bulgaria is influencing markets by developing new microfinance and thermal insulation products. The organization is actively taking part in the housing-related policy-making at the national and the local levels providing societal support with regard to poverty housing, social housing, residential energy efficiency, and integration of marginalized and vulnerable groups of the population.

Fighting poverty and child neglect

Habitat Bulgaria provides interest-free, short-term financing for home improvements and urgent housing interventions to socially vulnerable and marginalized families. The organization works together with local community-based partners and adds value to the social support services they offer in the communities. Habitat Bulgaria´s products are leveraged to maximize the effects of interventions designed to address health care, school attendance, maternity and social skills. Additional support is provided through financial literacy training to help families develop basic financial skills.

Development of innovations and social enterprise

Habitat Bulgaria is developing an innovative thermal insulation product made of recycled textiles. The ambition is to develop a product, which compares in quality to the most commonly used thermal insulation but is much more affordable, thus providing easier access to the energy efficiency renovations market to lower-income households.

Advocacy and coalition building

Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria has been actively involved in the housing-related policy making at the national and local levels. The organization has influenced a number of national strategic and legislative framework documents, providing social housing opportunities and access to funding for energy efficiency renovations to more than 140,000 people. Habitat Bulgaria led the establishment of a National Coalition for Home Improvements - “Decent Home” - supported by its members including corporations, professional chambers, non-governmental organizations, associations and municipalities. Habitat Bulgaria is working on the new National Housing Strategy and National Housing Act of Bulgaria and is providing discussion platforms such as the first National Housing Forum ever held in Bulgaria. The organization is also advocating for the elimination of housing poverty in Bulgaria - as a member of the National Council for Cooperation on Ethnic and Immigration Issues, responsible for the development of the new National Roma Integration Strategy, and by taking numerous policy positions both as a national Habitat organization and in coalition with other stakeholders.

Meet a Habitat family

Milko and Veronika Georgiev rent a small two-room apartment where they lived with their three children – Christiyan (13), Mario (8) and Eva (4). The apartment was too cold and wet during the winter and this worried Veronika as the health of her children is her biggest concern. Milko and Veronika are both employed but they cannot afford to buy a new, bigger home for their family. Milko heard about Habitat Bulgaria´s project in Kostinbrod from his sister and applied to become a homeowner. They were impatiently awaiting the project completion and their move to the new house where now the kids have their own room with new furniture and where they play in the yard and enjoy everything that a happy childhood has to offer.

What you can do

You can help needy Bulgarian families improve their living conditions by taking one or more of the following actions:


Volunteer: Join one of the scheduled Global Village trips to Bulgaria or lead your own.

Tithe: Establish a strong and rewarding tithe partnership to help build houses globally! Quote 811200, BULGARIA on your checks sent to: Habitat for Humanity International, Attn: Affiliate Tithe, 121 Habitat St. Americus, GA 31709


To learn more about Habitat projects in Bulgaria, please contact us.

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Habitat for Humanity Bulgaria

Connor Hanan, Associate Director of Operations
Habitat for Humanity Europe, Middle East and Africa

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